Our Services

We provide in-home Registered Nurses and License Social Workers for our clients.  Allowing our Medical Professionals to work independently and create their own schedule based on the client.

Our Excellence

Our company takes great pride in the Medical Professionals that we employ as they represent not only themselves but Professional Edge Nursing as a company.

About Us

Established in 2006, we are a fast-growing Illinois-based company expanding our services throughout the United States.

Working with diverse businesses for over 20 years has given me a unique opportunity. My vision was to build a company comprised of individuals who share the values of honesty, integrity and have the quality of compassion that truly cares. 


Being able to platform our company throughout the United States has given us excellent professionals to provide the services needed in today's health field. 

Experience the Excellence in Quality Care. 

-Brenda VanNatta 
We are an Equal Opportunity Employer
"We are an Equal Opportunity Employer."


Professional Edge Nursing Inc is a BBB Accredited Employment Agency in Prophetstown, IL

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