Here are some commonly asked questions.

"We are an Equal Opportunity Employer."

Where can I go to have my I9 notarized?
Typically you should be able to visit your financial institution.

Why is it required the we have access to a computer, printer, scanner and or a fax?
The job requires you to be able to send in timesheets, patient info to the client, etc.  You need to have these things in order to fulfill the requirements of the position.  Without these, the perimeters of the job can't be accomplished.

Is mileage paid?
If you travel 100 miles or more in one week there is a flat rate.

Is training paid?
This depends on the client you are matched to.  Some clients with give nurses CEU credits for continuing their education.

Does this job require travel?
For most clients yes it does.  You have to be able to drive yourself to and from appointments and have reliable transportation.

Professional Liablity Insurance, do I have to get this before applying?
Once you have been hired and placed on assignment you are required to have this.
If you have any questions you would like to have answered please contact us.

Do I have to provide the TB test?

During the application process you are to provide the TB results done within the past year.  After you have been with us for 1 year, we will then take responsibility for any future TB testing that is required to keep you up to date.

Am I responsible for providing the drug screening?

No.  We take responsibility for the drug screening, although if you fail to stay with our company during the probationary period, those charges are deducted from any final check you may have. 

​How far in advance must my professional license be renewed in order to be in compliance?

​Verification of your professional license must be able to be verified 10 days prior to the date of expiration.