"We are an Equal Opportunity Employer."


This job really fits my busy schedule.

P.E. Illinois

This is the best job I've every had!

D.B. California


Before I began this job I was unsure if I wanted to continue in the nursing profession. I was burnt out and tired of erratic schedules. I have always loved the long term aspect of nursing but in the path I was leading, I realized that without breaking my body down and being away from my family, it couldn't be accomplished. Making a difference in a patient's life is the most important reason I have chosen to become a nurse. PEN has given me the revitalization that I have needed to take my nursing skills to another level and for the first time in a long while, I am excited to work. Rewarding is an understatement to the emotions I feel as I see the positive changes that make a difference in a client's life. Support is a vital aspect in thriving and making a difference. The PEN team has been there every step of the way during my early struggles and ultimately during my successes. PEN is my home! PEN has made me want to strive to further my career so I can be the best Care Manager possible. I love my job! Thank you PEN!

K.A. Texas

Professional Edge Nursing is THE place to work. The staff is helpful, supportive and encouraging. I can choose how many patients I want at any given time and NEVER am I pressed to take more than I want. My training was comprehensive and I progressed at my own pace. Questions were always answered quickly and pleasantly.
L.M. Louisiana